JTSE 2020 - le salon

JTSE 2020 : fair

3200 m2 dedicated to stage equipment. National and International manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, lighting, sound, stagecraft, rigging, fabric, chairs and tiers, security and training, as well as design and (…)

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JTSE 2020 - audio training

JTSE 2020 : audio training

JTSE 2019, your space audio training Treat perfection with the best of sounds! Sound engineer, stage manager or sound contractor, Dock Haussmann is dedicated to you. 6 spaces devoted exclusively (…)

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JTSE 2020 - lighting

JTSE 2020 : lighting

A new record was set in 2018 for the JTSE lighting issue with an attendance of 2420 visitors! This year this project comes back again and will propose to visitors (…)

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