A new audio project in the Dock Haussmann and in another adjoining space, built in a solid structure with 3 spaces in 1! You will first find the audio training space – as the last years, the permanent workshops attract more and more visitors to test in a silent ambiance the latest sound products (2.389 visitors in 2018). This year two new spaces will be proposed to audio companies : one for stereo diffusion and the second one for spatial diffusion, both in live ! This new audio project has two main objectives: a demonstration of immersive sound or spatial diffusion and a stereo diffusion or stereo system, line-array or point-source.


3 spaces:
1st : audio training space: montage of a solid Neptunus structure (15 m x 25 m), with sound proof walls for audio training space. This structure will be adjoined to the Dock Haussmann.
2nd : stereo diffusion space – listening room for stereo sound. A live artists’ performance on stage will take place.
3rd : spatial diffusion space – listening room for immersive sound. As a difference with the stereo diffusion, there will not have a live artists’ performance on stage, but a multichannel band. This immersive device will need a system of hooks for loudspeakers close to each other in the whole listening zone.

For the both spaces, timing will be 12’ of sound, 12’ of presentation. 6 presentations during 2 days per participant.
At the end of the fair, each exhibitor will receive a complete file with the contacts of Dock Haussmann’s visitors.