• General reception
    As previously, all JTSE visitors first have to collect their badge at Dock Haussmann.
  • Audio training
    6 spaces of 30 m2 isolated and closed on three sides by black fabrics with 50% amplitude. All the demonstrations of audio products are made using headphones in order to guarantee an optimal sound quality.
  •  Laboratory of Arts & Technologies
    On the first floor, a space of Arts & Technologies in partnership with Stereolux Nantes will offer 3 conferences about new technologies.
  • Round tables of SNELAC (a national union of leisure, attractions and cultural spaces)
    Five round tables will be devoted to the organization and techniques in theme parks on both days of the fair.
  • Round tables of the publishing house “Éditions AS”
    5 round tables will be organized about different themes of show technics.

Thanks to its big success in 2018 with nearly 2,282 visitors – an increase of 13% compared to 2016 – the JTSE audio training project comes back this year with 6 spaces dedicated to audio companies who will show their latest products during workshops.

Treat perfection with the best of sounds!
Sound engineers, stage managers or sound contractors, Dock Haussmann is dedicated to you!