The history of JTSE (International Trade Show of Stage Equipment) is particularly unusual in the landscape of national and international exhibitions. Enrolled voluntarily in a space solely dedicated to the show, JTSE has gradually ceased to emerge as one of the leading trade shows in France, and is considered today as a reference also to the European and international level.

First nomadic (Nantes, Lyon, Bruxelles and Paris), the fair has progressively built itself thanks to its exhibitors and visitors, specialised in all the areas of technics of performance, with strong networks and lasting relationships. Since 2006, the JTSE take place at the Docks of Paris. Despite this growth, the quality of visitors not only remained but is steadily increasing. Moreover, this space promotes conviviality and meeting between national and international know-how; this is now the JTSE trademark.

Since the beginning, your membership has continuously grown: in 1998, JTSE counted 45 exhibitors and 750 visitors; the 2015 edition welcomed over 130 exhibiting companies and 5,209 visitors.

Les JTSE s'ouvrent dans

Professionnal fair dedicated
to technical aspects of shows and events

JTSE 2017 (21th édition) is scheduled for the 21 & 22 November 2017 at Dock Pullman, Porte de la Chapelle, Paris. We are going to offer you a more people-friendly specialised exhibition that forges links between the artistic and the technical in the performing arts.

The fair will be home to national and international manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, lighting, sound, stagecraft, rigging, fabric, chairs and tiers, security and training, as well as design and conception firms.

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